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Cedar Spring Recreation

Sauna Hat

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At first glance at a public sauna anywhere in New Zealand or Australia these wool felt sauna hats might seem silly or out of place.

Well that's because the sauna culture here isn't yet as advanced as places like Scandinavia, the Baltics or Northern Europe. At Cedar Spring Recreation we're here to help change that in Australasia.

We have a large order of sauna hats being stitched up now and should be available for delivery around New Zealand or Australia approximately late April. 

They are are Dark Grey Wool - one size fits all.

We have tried many different suppliers across Europe and Scandinavia and secured our favorite and best quality hats. 

Sauna Hat - 100% Wool Felt Protective Russian Banya Cap - Safe, Comfortable, and Eco-friendly Spa Hats - Head Covering for Bathing & Steaming.


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