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new cedar spring recreation wood fired sauna available for hire in raglan

new wood fired sauna for rent in raglan featuring cedar spring recreation

Introducing our sauna, a new addition to Tiny House Escapes Raglan 

This blog post by Tiny House Escapes Raglan is to showcase their newest amenity on site. This wood fired sauna is available for guests as well as for booking by the hour. 

17 April, 2023

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gardening etc article on hot tub longevity for wooden and cedar hot tubs

cedar hot tub longevity article featuring will stewart

How long do hot tubs last? The experts reveal what to expect

This article in world leading Gardeningetc magazine looks at various types of hot tubs / spa pools and how long your should expect them to last. Cofounder Will Stewart sheds light on what to expect with a cedar hot tub or plunge pool.

4 Jan, 2023

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10 post workout recovery techniques including usina a sauna

sauna as a post workout recovery assistant featuring cedar spring recreation comment from founder will stewart

10 Post-Workout recovery tips to try 

This article in for Paceline investigates some recovery tips to try for runners and athletes. Cofounder Will Stewart outlines some of the performance benefits adding a traditional sauna to your training regime could have.

30 Aug, 2022

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article on geodesic domes featuring founder will stewart cedar spring recreation
assembling geodesic domes new zealand and australia

Some assembly required: alternative dwellings and structures

Featured in US-based Morning Brew, Cofounder Will Stewart adds commentary on how Geodesic Domes are offering a reliable and cheap structure for property owners regardless of eventual purpose of use. 

25 Aug, 2022