In The News

Although we are one hundred and fifty percent believers in the power regular sauna, spas (and sweat) can have on your body and mind, it's important for get a better sense of what the wider public is saying.

Here are some recent stories from local and international news outlets.

    • Stuff NZ: Franz Josef motel owner dips into hot tub business (11 Jan 22)
    • Forbes: How to build a sauna (11 Nov 21)
    • Men's Health: 6 benefits of using a sauna after working out (27 Oct 21)
    • NY Post: regular sauna has many same benefits as exercise: study (25 Sep 21)
    • Wall St. Journal: the science of sweating it out (17 July 21)
    • Seattle Times: not a hot take: saunas offer real benefit for blood pressure (23 June 21)
    • NZ Herald: a hot bath or sauna could have same health benefits as exercise, study says (31 May 21)
    • The Times (UK): The Times view on the health benefits of saunas: Warm Up (26 May 21)
    • Wall St. Journal: demand for pools and spas for Brooklyn brownstones and Manhattan penthouses has soared (9 May 21)
    • Wall St. Journal: sauna innovator promise to bring health benefits to more people (9 Mar 21)
    • INSIDER: the major health benefits of saunas and how often you should use saunas to see a difference (31 Dec 20)
    • DW (Deutche Welle): Japan's 'onsen': a hot bath every day keeps doctors away (25 Dec 20)
    • New York Times: Saunas are hot. Home Enthusiasts. (12 Dec 20)
    • Business Insider: taking saunas seems to transform health 6 Aug 18)
    • CNN: hot baths, saunas seems can relieve pain, may help heart (21 Feb 18)