Mount Sauna Company features a Cedar Spring Recreation Modern Sauna and cold plunge tub

Try two of our saunas by the hour in Waikato and Bay of Plenty

We always recommend when you’re looking to add an outdoor sauna to your home, studio or commercial space to try it before you buy it.

Going to look at one idly sitting in a showroom isn’t a true reflection of what it’s going to look — and more importantly — feel like.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that we now have a sauna in both Raglan and in Tauranga for hire by the hour. 

Raglan’s most epic sauna view? 

In April, Tiny House Escapes Raglan put together their Wood Fired Cedar Barrel Sauna. After doing their research on various types of saunas this Scenic View option worked best.

Guillaume had the help of his children and was able to get it built in a day… and just in time for a sunset sauna!

It was so good to be able to get in last night, so beautiful. I was amazed how quick it got to 90 degrees and how little wood it used to stay at 90 for 80 minutes!” 

Cedar Spring Recreation sauna being built in Raglan New Zealand


Contact them directly and book in a sauna session by the hour. I personally can't wait to rent this thing out after a day surfing asap!

For all of May and June we’ll even knock the price of your single sauna session off your sauna purchase (just show us a receipt!)

Main Road Mount’s newest high end sauna experience

Sauna sessions by the hour Mount Maunganui New Zealand Cedar Spring Recreation


The Mount, and the wider Bay of Plenty is becoming New Zealand's hotbed of the growth of sauna awareness (pun intended).

With our warehouse here, Mount Sauna Co, The Sauna Project, along with a range of health and wellness professionals it’s super exciting to see things taking off like this.

Mount Sauna Company and Cedar Spring Recreation offer saunas trials by the hour

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Mount Sauna Co. who are about to go live with their high end hot + cold exposure location at the heart of the Mount on Maunganui Rd.

Mount Sauna Co. is being set up by Tauranga native Josh Utanga and Charlotte Piho - who is a world renowned ocean photographer. The space will feature some of her incredible art and be used for a variety of wellness practices.

To kit out their sauna we worked with them on an electric Modern Sauna with one of our Finnish Made Harvia Heaters (we only offer electric heaters made in Finland and Estonia with local certifications and avoid any brands who manufacture electric heater equipment in China or South East Asia)

This isn’t their first go with building a luxury service like this as they own Westside Sauna Co. in the Cook Islands as well.

We’re really hoping we can give that sauna a go one day soon … but for now we're stoked to be able to settle on using this one just down the road from our warehouse!

Live in June 2023

Once they’re live we’ll updated this information on how to book in and trial our Modern Sauna out and save the receipt as we’ll deduct it off your sauna purchase. 

Modern Finnish Sauna for 6 or more people available in Tauranga NZ Cedar Spring Recreation

Needing some additional advice? 

If you’d want to chat saunas with us you can always call us at 09 886 5691 or email

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About the Author: Will Stewart is a Cofounder of Cedar Spring Recreation. As an ex-high performance athlete who now just trains for life he has a strong history and understanding of the scientific health and wellness outcomes associated with heat and cold exposure and is a daily sauna and cold plunge user.

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