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Cedar Spring Recreation

Compact Mini Cube Outdoor Sauna - 2-3 person

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New Zealand's most affordable high quality Finnish style traditional sauna - in stock and ready to ship.


We established Cedar Spring Recreation in 2021. Since then we've helped hundreds of Kiwis make their backyard or off-grid dreams become a reality. Our overseas sister company has delivered over 7,500 saunas to happy customer in the past decade.

Every one of our Sauna Kits comes standard with:

  • a locally certified Harvia or SAWO heater (depending on inventory). All our heaters are purchased from a registered distributor in Australia and New Zealand, meaning they are legitimately certifiable products and code compliant.
  • a wooden heater guard
  • water bucket & ladle
  • sauna rocks
  • interior seating benches.

Our saunas will heat up to 90C in less an hour in the most cold conditions possible in New Zealand.

The sauna can be enjoyed either wet or dry, catering to a true Scandinavian sauna experience, allowing you to tailor every Sauna Session to the precise löyly of your choosing.

Cedar Spring Recreation Customer Service and Warranty Information


Thermowood is created by heat treating softwood to temperatures ranging from 180 – 230° in special chamber kilns for up to 96 hours. Steam is used as a protective gas and helps to prevent the wood from splitting and becoming damaged during treatment.

Learn more about thermowood in our FAQ section!

Thermowood’s Characteristics & Qualities This process causes chemical and structural in the timber, altering some of its characteristics and qualities. Some of the characteristics and qualities that make Thermowood such a popular species include:

  • Dimensionally Stable – The intensive heat the wood is exposed to during its production dries out deep into the core, causing all moisture and resin to be removed from the timber. Thermowood therefore doesn’t react to changes in humidity as drastically as untreated wood  does (for example, the risk of swelling, cracking and shrinkage is decreased significantly), allowing it to retain its shape far better. The wood also doesn’t secrete sap or resin even in high temperatures.

  • Environmentally Friendly – The softwood used to produce Thermowood originates from well-managed, PEFC & NZCFA-certified forests, and has no chemicals or foreign substances involved during its production. For the environmentally conscious, Thermowood is a more environmentally friendly building material to use compared to older growth species like clear western red cedar.

  • Resistance to Rot and Fungi – Due to the heating process breaking down hemicellulose, the wood doesn’t contain the appropriate nutrients to allow rot and fungi to grow and develop as easily.

  • Increased Longevity – When wood is treated with heat, its average life span is prolonged meaning your sauna will last a lifetime!

  • Improved Insulation – Wood that has been heat treated is much more porous than untreated wood, vastly improving its insulating properties.


Around the world, and particularly in Scandinavian countries, saunas have been used for thousands of years for their social and therapeutic benefits. Regular sauna use has been scientifically proven to carry many health benefits that have you looking (and feeling) great. 


The Scandinavian mini-cube sauna has a classic beauty in its elegant simplicity. Our cube saunas are constructed with durable bead and cove lumber that fit together forming a strong exterior. This bead and cove system allows the lumber staves to expand and contract naturally, and to form a tight seal. Not only are our cube saunas lovely to look at, their design is incredibly energy efficient and helps to distribute the heat evenly throughout the interior.


External Measurements (Compact Cube Sauna)

    Compact Cube Sauna external measurements

    Internal Measurements (Compact Cube Sauna)

    Internal Measurements Compact Cube Sauna


    Our units are made with New Zealand Pine Thermowood. The door hinges, heater, fasteners and bands are made of stainless steel. The sauna comes with a tempered and tinted full glass door with self-closing hinges. 


    Our easy to follow instructions for self-assembly make setting up your barrel sauna a breeze. No special tools or carpentry skills are required and our instructions are written with the DIY customer in mind. All lumber pieces are pre-cut and complete assembly typically takes approximately 3-4 hours.


    We ship our saunas all throughout Australia and New Zealand and therefore GST and shipping rates are applied at checkout. 

    "Our mission is to help Kiwis turn their backyard into a personal paradise. In a world full of uncertainty, I can guarantee this: there's never been a better time to invest in yourself and your backyard."

    Will, Co-Founder, Cedar Spring Recreation

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