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Cedar Spring Recreation

Cedar Cold Plunge Pool

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Have questions about our cold plunge soaking tubs? Call us now at 09-886-5691.


There are two main reasons why people all around the world have adopted regular cold water emersion into their daily lives. 

  • Contrast Therapy (or hot/cold therapy): is the act of subjecting your body to bouts of heat followed by cold temperatures. This allows your body to more quickly recover through the act of flushing blood to your extremities (hot) followed by drawing the blood from your extremities back into the body's core (cold). Repeating this process several times helps to flush muscles and capillary beds of things like lactic acid, necrotic debris, and other things that slow recovery down and prevent peak performance. The heated portion of this can be done through the use of saunas, steam rooms or hot tubs. 

  • Ice Bathing / Cold Swimming: is the act of subjecting your entire body to a single bout of cold water for an extended period of time. Although this has been popularised in more recent years by people such as Wim Hof this practice of using cold water for therapeutic reasons dates back to Ancient Greece, and extends through the rest of history, including in Finnish, Swedish and Scandinavian cultures who combine this practice with the regular use of a sauna. 


"The Fitzy" is our cold plunge pool and is named after Fitzsimmons Creek, the infamous glacial fed waterway that winds its way through Whistler Village. Twelve months a year the glaciers of Whistler and Blackcomb keep this creek perfectly primed for a post workout cold plunge that aides in recovery and wakes you up!

Whether you're adding your own ice or already have an external chilling source The Fitzy Cedar Cold Plunge Pool is the pinnacle of plunging!


Our Cedar Cold Plunge Pool is made from the highest grade of Clear Western Red Cedar from British Columbia, Canada. Red Cedar has the distinct advantage of being naturally resilient to decay and bacteria. It also is known for its high insulating value. The pleasant aromatherapy of cedar heightens the experience! Our tubs use an architectural stainless steel strap system which allows the tub to naturally expand and contract with out worrying about the wood splitting.


Putting together the tub is easy! All our hot tubs kits are designed with the DIY customer in mind. Anyone with novice woodworking skills could build one in approximately 3 hours. All the assembler will need is a level, Phillips screwdriver, 7/16″ and 9/16″ open end wrenches, 9/16″ deep socket wrench, vise grips, and a mallet.


We ship throughout New Zealand and Australia directly to health and fitness facilities as well as individuals looking to upgrade their own home amenities and achieve peak performance and wellness.  



  • Made with Canadian Red Cedar 
  • 3.8 cm thick walls  
  • Grade-A Red Cedar benches
  • Rust-resistant stainless-steel bands  
  • Stainless-steel drain in bottom of tub
  • Heats up in approximately 2-4 hours
  • 2 persons required to assemble (allow approximately 3 hours for assembly) 
  • 10cm thick brown vinyl cover
  • For outdoor use only
  • Packaged in robust wooden shipping crate
  • This tub does not come with a heat source


  • 5' diameter x 4' depth   (1500mm x 1200mm)


Still have questions? Contact our experts at 09-886-5691 or send us a message by contact form or email


    We ship our saunas all throughout Australia and New Zealand and therefore GST and shipping rates are applied at checkout. 

      "Our mission is to help Kiwis turn their backyard into a personal paradise. In a world full of uncertainty, I can guarantee this: there's never been a better time to invest in yourself and your backyard."

      Will, Co-Founder, Cedar Spring Recreation

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