The Ultimate Heat Exposure & Sauna Use Podcast Playlist

The Ultimate Heat Exposure & Sauna Use Podcast Playlist

When it comes to learning about regular sauna use it can be difficult to know where to even start.

To make things easy, our team gone ahead and listened to virtually every single podcast episode available for free on the interenet and chucked the best ones into a single playlist.

These are perfect for anyone just starting out through to individuals looking to retool their understanding of the health and wellness aspects of heat exposure. 

The full playlist is available below, be sure to hit follow if you'd like to receive updates for when we come across more science-backed health and wellness education online we think is worth having a listen to!

sauna and heat expsore podcast playlist for beginners

1. The Science & Health Benefits of Deliberate Heat Exposure - Dr. Andrew Huberman

This episode outlines mechanisms, protocols, temperature ranges across various heat exposure options.

2. How To Use A Sauna For Different Sauna Benefits - Dr. Marc Cohen

This podcast looks various sauna protocols based on various peer-reviewed studies.

3. Sauna Benefits Deep Dive & Optimal Use - Dr. Rhonda Patrick

This episode is an interview with Kyle Allred of MedCram discussing the effects of sauna and various outcomes from use.

4. Deliberate Heat and Cold Exposure Protocols and Effects - Josh Atkins

Actionable protocols that you can look to start exploring right away.

5. What's Cold & Heat Exposure - Jesse Coomer

Exploration into extreme temperature exposures and its impact on metabolic health.


So, if you're looking to explore the topic of heat exposure and some of the various health outcomes of traditional (vs. infrared) sauna according to peer-reviewed and accepted scientific studies, save yourself the time and start here with these.

We'll continue to populate this playlist with emerging episodes so be sure to follow if you're looking to stay current on this topic.


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About the Author: Will Stewart is a Cofounder of Cedar Spring Recreation. He has an immense understanding and appreciation for the scientific health and wellness outcomes associated with heat and cold exposure and is a regular sauna and ice bath do-er!

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Disclaimer: Neither the material shared in this article, not any links to external resources are to be considered medical advice. Always check with medical professionals prior to engaging in new activities that carry potential health risks.

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