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Introduction to Cold Exposure: 3 Ice Bath & Cold Plunge Podcast Episodes for 2022

For many, the idea behind jumping into a cold body of water — or turning your pleasant hot shower to max cold — is completely foreign and they have no clue why one would do such a thing.

Thanks to modern technologies and passionate, science-backed, podcasters, you can access this information completely free.

So, if you're interested in the science behind why everyone from Wim Hof to your weird neighbour down the street are jumping into cold oceans, streams, lakes, baths and showers — and raving about it... have a listen to these three podcast episodes to get started on your ice bath or cold plunging journey. 

1. Huberman Lab Podcast 

  • Who: Dr. Andrew Huberman is a Stanford Medical School Professor. He's dedicated to delivering zero-cost education about science and it's application to our everyday lives. His podcast has made health science mainstream (again?)
  • Why: This episode lays down the foundation of cold exposure exceptionally well from its definition, various mechanisms, range of health outcomes, specific studies, and techniques on building an optimal regular routine.

2. ALIGN Podcast by Aaron Alexander

  • Who: Aaron Alexander is a manual therapist and movement coach who believe there is a direct correlation between our physical health and our psychological wellbeing.
  • Why: This episode introduces you to the science of cold-exposure therapy, outlines what good physiological stresses are, and discusses how to setup a cold plunge at home.

3. HEAL Podcast by Kelly Noonan Gores (w/ Wim Hof)

  • Who: Wim Hof is also known as The Iceman, has set a range of records related to cold exposure. The Wim Hof Method is a combination of breathing, cold exposure, and habitual routines, is outlined in this interview.
  • Why: This episode is a great listen to learn more from one of the largest and most storied characters in the cold exposure world. Listening to Wim Hof firsthand leaves you with the feeling that you can achieve extraordinary things.

It's a little over three hours of total listening time (on 1.0 X) to get through all episodes.

To make it even easier here are all three episodes in a singe Spotify Playlist (we'll continue to add worthwhile Cold Exposure content into this playlist overtime - so subscribe to keep informed!)


Happy Plunging!


About the Author: Will Stewart is a Cofounder of Cedar Spring Recreation. He has an immense understanding and appreciation for the health and wellness outcomes associated with heat and cold exposure and is a regular sauna and ice bath do-er!

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Disclaimer: Neither the material shared in this article, not any links to external resources are to be considered medical advice. Always check with medical professionals prior to engaging in new activities that carry potential health risks.

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