Holiday Gift Guide: Outdoor Home Edition Australia & New Zealand 2021/2022

Holiday Gift Guide: Outdoor Home Edition Australia & New Zealand 2021/2022

After enjoying the freest Christmas break and summer of virtually anywhere in the world last year, the outlook now and into 2022 is slightly different across both Australia and New Zealand. 

A key theme is that everyone has got a better sense of what 2022 will have in store for them. For example, people know if they’ll be working from home or back in the office and they have a better idea of what — if any — travel they’ll be doing abroad. And with these knowns, many people are prioritising themselves and their outdoor space to start planning now for the holiday season. 


For new homeowners (and work from home-ers) a major trend is putting effort into upgrading the amenities on their property. Many, given the increase in home values, are even looking to pull some equity out of their home to make sure they do it right.

We’re seeing two overarching goals home oriented gift-giving goals this holiday season

  1. Adding more daily luxuries to enjoy on their own and with family and friends
  2. Creating new income streams with a short-term rental listing

Adding more home luxuries:

When it comes to adding more outdoor amenities to enjoy year-round, people are favouring products and projects that will give the opportunity to enjoy something on your own or with family and friends regularly.

#1 Panoramic Barrel Sauna

By far the most popular holiday purchase in the ‘big ticket’ item category is our iconic Western Red Cedar Barrel Saunas. Made with some of the highest quality Canadian Clear Western Red Cedar and complemented by a semicircular bubble window on the far end — this design is by far our most popular addition to homes, home-away-from homes, and even on luxury AirBnB listings. 

These arrive flat packed with everything you need to to put them together in the box. Between two people these kits can be put together in a few hours, no sweat (that comes after!). One of the added benefits our customers always mention is the sense of accomplishment they feel every time they fire the sauna up — knowing they put it together with their own bare hands!

With very little maintenance required and the fact they head up in about an hour, adding a sauna to your property (and sauna-ing to your life) can have amazing positive impacts on your health and wellness

Maybe adding regular sauna bathing can be your New Year's Resolution? 

#2 Wood Fired Hot Tub

For people looking to add more variety to the property or get more use out of remote areas or sections of land we suggest you take a serious look at a Wood Burning Hot Tub


There are a variety of sizes and options but they are all the same in the sense you can construct them as wild and remote as you’d like — just bring wood! These tubs can go from cold to 38C for about $4 of wood (that is, if you need to buy any!). Similar to our Barrel Saunas, these kits arrive with everything you need to put them together and have instructions appropriate for all levels of DIY enthusiasts. 

If this fires you up, get in touch with our customer support and delivery team!

#3 Outdoor Living Space

Dramatically updating social outdoor space is our final major theme this summer and these range from a simple weekend upgrade to completely redesigning their outdoors from the ground up.

The main rationale is simple: people are defaulting to the outdoors when it comes to catching up with friends and family. This also means planning for comfort in the form of things like garden furniture through to shade or even heat (depending on the time of year). 

Maybe it’s adding a new outdoor living room off the back of the house or a cozy fire pit or something as simple as a pergola top help provide some additional shade and coverage from the sun.

Entrepreneurial Gift Giving - AirBnB Listings

Who says Christmas gifts need to only be costly? People looking to give the gift of economic prosperity (to themselves or others) have been using the trends in travel data from the middle of 2021 (i.e. the Northern Hemisphere Summer) to validate adding a new listings to properties. FYI the AirBnB Data comparing travel from 2019 to 2021 is pretty astounding. 

The highlights are:

  • Family Travel is up 25%
  • Outdoor / rural rentals are up 34%
  • Most popular locations across all major markets no longer are major city centres (Cornwall vs. London, for example)

The rationale from this is fairly simple:

  • Families are quite often renting AirBnBs now when they used to stay with family - to be safe and respectful
  • People living in cities are aiming for the opposite on their trips and with the booking types
  • A major preference is to be out of the city, somewhere a few hours away, by car 


This is why our most entrepreneurial customers are all over our Geodesic Dome Glamping tents. There are some excellent examples of luxurious Dome Tent experiences in New Zealand, Australia and Overseas… and as you can tell, they’re extremely lucrative when done up properly. 

Because these are freestanding structures you most likely won’t need a building consent (but we can’t guarantee that, so it’s worth doing some research). Regardless, the building time and setup costs for these Glamping Style Luxury Tents is a fraction of any prefabricated or custom building. 


Our Geodesic Dome Tent Range in stock is from 5 to 8 metres in diameter (but if you want larger, we can do custom sizes!), can add a lucrative income stream to any property for 1-4 guests and even are used for things such as exercise classes and yoga studios. 

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is increasing your wealth or diversifying your sources of income — these Luxury Glamping Style Tents might be your best idea yet!

If you're looking to optimise your outdoors this summer and want to run any major gift giving ideas by us — we are happy to chat by phone (6 days a week) or can answer any questions you have by email.


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