6 Daily Anchors for a More Optimal Day

6 Daily Anchors for a More Optimal Day

It's true that everyone is unique with individual constraints, habits and routines we find most optimal. At the same time though, we're all human beings who are governed by the same circadian rhythm.

Here are six daily anchors to get the most out of your day (according to Dr. Andrew Huberman on the Rich Roll Podcast)

Consistent Rising

Aim to wake up at roughly the same time seven days a week and this time should be somewhere between 5am and 9am.

Morning Sunlight Exposure

Within the first hour of waking up expose your body to natural sunlight. If that's not possible use artificial light. This is the primary anchor to your body's 24 hour cycle and is probably the most important point on this page.

Stress Tools & Thresholds

Explore and experiment with real-time stress tools such as the Physiological Sigh. Actively exercise your stress thresholds with things like regular sauna use, cold plunges / cold immersion / contrast therapy (& you only need a few as 11 minutes a week to yield results).

Low Light Evenings

Akin to light exposure in the first hour of your day the opposite should be done in the evening. Even simply switching from overhead to side or floor lights can have a huge impact.

Sleeping Cool

Your body is supposed to be its coolest 2-4 hours before you wake up and to encourage deep sleep you're better to add blankets over the course of the night than toss them aside.

Consistent Bedtime

Inline with your rising time you should look to consistently fall asleep around the same time each night. Accordingly, somewhere between 9PM and midnight.

Got it? Now, do it all over again tomorrow.

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