5 Reasons to build a Geodesic Glamping Dome Business in New Zealand

5 Reasons to build a Geodesic Glamping Dome Business in New Zealand

Interested in getting into the glamping game?

Have you been dreaming of a side hustle or new source of income with a high return? Here are a few reasons why pushing go on your Geodesic Glamping Dream Retreat might be the move in 2022. 

Get 100% Return On Investment within one season

For many new Geodesic Dome Listings it is completely possible to get a 100% ROI from your first season of operations. If you're able to recoup your total spend within your first season that means you're looking at returning significant profits moving forward as you only have to cover your operating costs. 

Achieve higher income per night

Well equipped glamping domes have one of the highest prices per night among all types of outdoor accommodation. Sleeping in the geodesic dome is a unique experience, and tourists are willing to pay more to try it, and many love to return becuase the enjoy the experience so much.

Another way to add a significant bump to your nightly rate is to couple your dome with a wood-fired or electric hot tub or sauna


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Affordably operate all year round in any climate and any weather anywhere in New Zealand

Cedar Spring Recreation structures are waterproof and well insulated. Our standard domes come with a R 2.86 insulation value which is a value that is higher than minimum code compliant in traditional buildings. We also offer a subzero insulation layer with a R 8.55 value, for those looking for added insulation (this can also be added at any time). New Zealand citizens as well as International Visitors have shown a strong interest in year-round glamping opportunities and with the push to more work from home as the norm there is a major opportunity for large groups of people to cater for - 12 months a year

Become a glamping leader in your region

Offer unique accommodation before your guests choose to go glamping at another resort. 

“After comparing Airbnb’s first party data between 2019 and 2021, the opportunity for short-term rentals that offer unique experiences out of the main city centres has never been more compelling.” The fact is we’re spend so many more hours at home makes it human nature to crave different weekend (or week-long) escapes… enter geodesic domes! Do your research, look at the other offerings around you, and build a unique business proposition for your own property and become a leader!

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Build anywhere, use unused or remote land

Our kits allow for a very simple way to build something incredible in even the most remote or untraditional of spaces. Domes themselves are also built for extremes (winds & temperatures). Whether your getaway dream is an on- or off-grid one, a Geodome will be the most affordable and highest returning investment option of any significant glamping business. 


geodesic dome guide new zealandWant our Free Guide: ⛺ Building the Geodesic Deck of Your Dreams

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