Geodesic Domes and Glamping Tents are a huge income opportunity summer 2022.

Geodesic Domes and Glamping Tents are a huge income opportunity summer 2022.

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AirBnB just released some interesting pandemic data looking at the Northern Hemisphere summer (2019 vs 2021) with these trends are likely to be seen across Australia and New Zealand this summer.

AirBnB's 2019-2021 summer booking data:

  • Family Travel is up 25%
  • Outdoor / rural rentals are up 34%
  • Most popular locations across all major markets have shifted out of major city centres and into rural (Examples: Rome to Sardinia; London to Cornwall)

This can be financially rewarding for those who already have or are looking to setup Geodesic Domes on their property. 

The rationale from this is fairly simple:

  • Many families are electing to rent something self contained to avoid overcrowding in personal homes. This is evident AirBnBs data.
  • Coming out of lockdowns and with many people working from home, renters are looking at listings that help to change their surroundings and feel like they’ve been away.
  • Although flights have rebounded somewhat, air travel is a generally seen as a nuisance and it still possesses additional risks. Weekend renters are looking to get out of the city, a few hours away, predominantly by car. 

Not only is the global ‘glamping’ market size already valued at USD $2.15 billion dollars (AUD $2.87B / NZD $3.00B) it’s also expected to compound annually at a growth rate of 14.1% from 2021-2028.


Other notable facts about this travel category include:

  • Glamping is particularly appealing to travelers who want to spend time outdoors, but who don’t want to camp in traditional ways. Travelers who do not camp say that:
  • glamping allows them to experience the outdoors in comfort (83%), 
  • have the services and amenities not associated with traditional camping (63%), 
  • and alleviates some of the “work” associated with more traditional forms of camping (27%). 
  • Additionally, it appears that glamping is meeting the needs of this group (non-campers) when it comes to gaining the de-stressing benefits of spending time outdoors but with the comforts akin to a hotel or resort - 81% of those who have already tried glamping are open to the possibility of trying it again. Moreover, among all the leisure travelers in North America, 30% have done glamping in 2019. These factors are expected to support the market growth over the forecast period.

This is why we’re getting some huge demand for Geodesic Dome Tents for personal and rental Glamping units and there are already excellent examples of luxurious Dome Tent experiences in New Zealand , Australia and Overseas where people are often actually paying a major premium to alternative options in the same area. 

Faster and cheaper setup, less red tape and charge a premium?

Because these are freestanding structures you most likely won’t need a building consent (but we can’t guarantee that, so it’s worth doing some research). 

Regardless, the building time and setup costs for these Glamping Style Luxury Tents is a fraction of any prefabricated or custom building. 

Our Geodesic Dome Tent Range can add a lucrative income stream to any property for 1-4 guests and are even used for other home businesses such as exercise classes, therapies and yoga studios. 

We stock between 5 and 8 metres in diameter (but if you want larger, we can do custom sizes!)


Interested in talking to our geodesic dome experts? You can fire us an email sales@cedarspringrecreation or give us a call +64-9-886-5691

Update: AirBnB announces "Categories" and "Split Stays" making glamping tents and geodesic domes significantly more discoverable on their platform


Image sources:
- @archersedgeluxurycamping (instagram)
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