3 Books on Sauna Benefits and Culture

3 Books on Sauna Benefits and Culture

The benefits of regular sauna bathing are well documented — particularly in Finnish, Estonian, and more broadly Scandinavian cultures for thousands of years (dating back to Finnish settlers). 

Sauna use and culture has many aspects that are great to learn about if you're at the beginning of your new lifelong appreciation and participation in this ancient activity that is so beneficial for overall health and wellness. 

The Finnish Way: finding courage, wellness and happiness through the Power of Sisu. Katja Pantzar.

This book is an engaging and practical guided tour of the simple and nature-inspired ways that Finns stay happy and healthy with a very powerful sauna culture. This book includes a detailed explanation the powerful concept of sisu, or everyday courage.

Topics include:
    Movement as medicine: How walking, biking and swimming every day are good for what ails us--and best done outside the confines of a gym
    Natural mood boosters: Cold water swimming, steamy saunas, and other ways to alleviate stress, anxiety, insomnia, and depression
    Forest therapy: Why there's no substitute for getting out into nature on a regular basis
    Healthy eating: What the Nordic diet can teach us all about feeding body, mind and soul
    The gift of sisu: Why Finns embrace a special form of courage, grit and determination as a national virtue - and how anyone can dig deeper to survive and thrive through tough times.

If you've ever wondered if there's a better, simpler way to find happiness and good heath, look no further. The Finns have a word for that, and this empowering book shows us how to achieve it.


Sauna Therapy for Detoxification and Healing. Dr Lawrence Wilson.

Sixteen chapters describe the use of saunas for detoxification of heavy metals and toxic chemicals, and for alleviation of infections and other disorders.
Topics include
• sauna physiology,
• protocols for sauna use,
• adjunctive therapies,
• cautions and contraindications.
Other chapters include sauna design, a case history and plans for an excellent, low cost electric light sauna. This book is also available for free as a PDF directly from Dr. Wilson's website. 


The Opposite of Cold: The Northwoods Finnish Sauna Tradition. Michael Nordskog

As many in the north country can attest, one of life's great pleasures resides in the tradition of sauna-sitting in 180-plus-degree heat and throwing cool water on oven-hot stones to create a blast of steam (called löyly), followed by a jump in the lake, standing naked in subzero temperatures (or even a roll in the snow), or just relaxing on the cooling porch. To the uninitiated, there is a strange, alluring mystique to the art of Finnish sauna. But to an ever-increasing number of people-from their small urban saunas to backwoods and lakeside retreats-the culture and practice of Finnish sauna are as much a part of northwoods life as campfires and canoe trips.

Beginning with the origins of Finnish sauna and how the practice was first brought to North America, and continuing all the way to contemporary design, The Opposite of Cold is an exquisite commemoration of the history, culture, and practice of Finnish sauna in the northwoods. With stunning photographs of unique and historic saunas of the region-including the oldest sauna in North America, incredible surviving saunas from immigrant farmsteads, and the gorgeous contemporary saunas from noted architects-Michael Nordskog and Aaron Hautala unveil the importance and beauty of sauna culture in modern Midwestern life.

(Bonus Children's' Book). The Best Part of a Sauna. Sheryl Peterson.

 A youngster is enjoying a summer evening with Grandma and Grandpa at the family lakeshore cabin. From gathering kindling, to building the fire in the old sauna stove to taking a traditional Finnish sauna, this book includes all the memory-making parts of a typical summer night on a north woods lake. It's a book to be enjoyed by all generations.

Hopefully these books can help inspire you along your journey into living  #thecedarsweatlife!

Do you have any other books or resources you've found to be incredibly helpful — we'd love to hear it (let us know by email at marketing@cedarspringrecreation.com!)


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