Cedar Spring Infrared Sauna ready for New Zealand

Cedar Spring Infrared Sauna ready for New Zealand

We aren't exactly quiet that our roots and foundation is firmly planted in the Clear Western Red Cedar forests of Canada and we are extremely proud that our outdoor saunas and hot tubs are enjoyed on all corners of the globe.

With that said, we've had a lot of people reach out to us by email, phone and across our socials with common ask: can you bring your top quality Cedar Spring Recreation products indoors with infrared sauna.

We've spent the last month speaking with our producers, suppliers, partners and investors about it... and we're excited to announce in early 2022 we will be stocking Cedar Spring Recreation Infrared Saunas and they will be available throughout New Zealand. 

All these saunas are completely prebuilt, they arrive at your home as a true "plug and play" setup. These have a more accessible price point to our outdoor units and add more versatility to customers who may not have the outside space for our saunas.

As we ready this new product line we have questions for our epic customers (you need to tell us what you want!);
  • how many people do you envisage soaking at once; what size and dimensions as options should we stock.
  • do you want us to stick to our roots and maintain our red cedar lineage or should we branch out to other wood types like lighter pines and hemlocks? (every single pun there was intended!)
This is a very exciting direction for all of our team here at Cedar Spring Recreation and we'd love any feedback you might have on what you feel is the most ideal products we supply from the start.

You can contact us at info@cedarspringrecreation.com or 09 886-5691 (select option #1) or fire us messages on our social media accounts. 
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