April Sale on new Scand-inavian Thermo-wood Products

April Sale on new Scand-inavian Thermo-wood Products

As the only retailer of cedar products in New Zealand who actually works directly with our wood suppliers in Canada we are extremely proud of the products we produce and the price point at which we can deliver them. 

But, they're not for everyone, and we get that.

Over the past year we've had three pieces of feedback from potential customers

  • Can you offer a more modern looking sauna option?
  • Can you offer a larger, more traditional bench style sauna?
  • Can you sell a pre-built hot tub?

We're excited to now be offering a new modern sauna and two pre-fabricated wood-fired hot tubs. 

To give them a warm welcome we're offering $1,500 discount on each unit for the whole month of April (or until our first order is full).

 Deluxe Wood Fired Large Modern Sauna - Helsinki

Deluxe Wood Fired X-Large

View Product

View Product


For more information on these products or this sale fell free to take a look at the product pages or, even better, give our team a ring at 09-886-5691 ext 1. 

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